Family Law

Family law can be emotionally taxing for everyone involved. Involvement with the family court system frequently, but not always, occurs during what for many individuals is the most turbulent time of their lives, divorce. Attorney Joseph Molina Flynn recognizes that family law cases are multi-layered as they involve emotions, financial concerns, and children. Joseph realizes that even cases which seem fairly benign, such as adoptions, can flow from years of emotionally taxing processes. These concerns inform every decision he makes in the case and the way he communicates with his clients.

Joseph also tries, to the extent possible, to promote civility during family court proceedings. Too often, family court cases can become clouded by emotions which cannot be hidden, and unfortunately, individuals going through a divorce can lose sight of the effect these cases can have on their children. Joseph also tries to bring his family law cases to quick resolution recognizing that once the case is finally resolved, his clients will benefit from the emotional freedom which follows. That is not to say, however, that Joseph is beyond litigating a family law case where warranted to ensure that his client receives an outcome which is fair and equitable, as the law requires.